Our Privacy Policy at Melbourne Swingers

We take the privacy concerns of our Melbourne Swingers Sex Party Club members and guests very seriously, and confirm to users of this site that we will not sell or rent individual user information to others and will only share information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Your Details

Any personal details supplied by you to become a Melbourne Swingers member are used to contact you, to ensure the safety of our members and to make certain that you are over 18 years old. However ,we guarantee that your details are strictly confidential and will under no circumstances be divulged to any third party without your permission.

Protection and Security of Information

We protect the privacy of your information and do not store any information longterm on public or publicly assessable servers or databases.

Website Tracking

Like most websites, we use our server logs to track the way our website is used by our members so we understand better how to make the service faster and more user friendly. The information we gather is analysed in the aggregate and does not contain any presonally identifiable data.

Sharing Information

We never share personally identifiable data with any other companies except as provided in this policy or required by law. We may provide such aggregate statistics about our sales, traffic patterns, and related website information to trustworthy third parties, but these statistics will include no personally identifying information.