Coming to one of our Sex Parties

We offer three types of play:

Private Play:

Our private play is just that. A small group of naughty liked-minded people playing in private homes or hotel rooms. It is great fun. No schedules, and as often as you like. All forms of sex are enjoyed.

Sex Play Parties:

These are organized larger play parties for couples, girls and bi-girls. We let members know about the parties by email. You turn up, you play and play and play.

Fetish Play:

Fetish play is for our members that enjoy bdsm activities like bondage, spanking, caning, discipline as well as kinky fetishes. Like-minded members play in private or come to our organized fetish parties.


Melbourne, Australia (usually private residences or hotel suites)


Our parties always free unless we rent a venue then we share the cost with all the members. We may ask you to bring food or beverage.


(1) We are only for couples, single girls and bi-girls. (No single guys ever.)

(2) We are for attractive residents of, and tourists to, Melbourne under age 45. You don't have to be a model or movie star, but you do have to be attractive and fit.

(3) You must come prepared to play. Consent required for any sexual activity or touching. Harrassment not tolerated.

(4) Our parties and events are strictly private. No intoxication, drug use or unsafe sex are ever tolerated.

(5) Our parties are for adults only. You must be of legal age to come to our parties. IDs are checked